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Which types of Fully CNC Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine?

- May 15, 2018 -

Which types of Fully CNC Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine?


CNC wire stirrup bending machine models: SGW12D-1; SGW12D-2; SGW12D-4;SGW16D; SGW14D-1; SGW12D-3D


Features of CNC stirrup bending machine:

1. From the raw material of the wire rod to the stirrup product, it can be processed cold and hot rolled high-strength wire rod reinforcement.

2. The production efficiency is high, which is equivalent to twenty to thirty labor.

3. The equipment has strong practicality, requiring only one person to operate and saving a lot of labor.

4. Save raw materials, it continuous molding almost no steel head loss in the work.

5. It covers a small area, saves the straightening work area and cutting working area, and can operate in narrow areas.

6. The cost of Equipment maintenance and energy are very low.


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