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How to buy high quality CNC rebar bending machine?

- May 15, 2018 -

How to buy high quality CNC rebar bending machine?


Automatic numerical control steel bar bending hoop machine can automatically complete straightening, sizing, bending and cutting, and so on. The processing ability is very comprehensive and can be flexed in two ways and freely control the core axis to stretch, up and down, so it can process more and more complex shapes. Therefore, more enterprises enter the stirrup machine industry. It is mainly applied to the crooked hook of cold rolled ribbed steel bar, hot rolled three grade reinforcing bar, cold rolled round bar and hot rolled steel bar. The automatic stirrup bending machine has the characteristics of low failure rate, fast speed of bending bar, low energy dissipation, low noise and gentle vibration, high efficiency, reliable operation and so on. With light and flexible, double operation is 3-5 times the manual bending.


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