• Rammer Machine

      Rammer Machine

      Power: 3/6.5 kw/hp
      Weight: 88kg
      Engine model: gasoline HONDA GX160

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    • Compactor Rammer Machine

      Compactor Rammer Machine

      Tamping Rammer Gasoline Tamping Rammer Machine is used for tamping of engineering foundation and groove backfill in...

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    • Compactor Rammer

      Compactor Rammer

      Tamping Rammer Low cost to maintenance and usage, reliable durability make it, maybe the most economical Rammer in...

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    • Earth Rammer

      Earth Rammer

      Tamping Rammer 1. The guide handle built-in shock mount to reduce hand-arm vibration 2. Special 4-stroke engine for...

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    • Gasoline Rammer

      Gasoline Rammer

      Tamping Rammer 1.Special protective frame for engine, prevent all possible damage. 2.Tamping rammer shank made up of...

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    • Gasoline Tamping Rammer

      Gasoline Tamping Rammer

      Tamping Rammer 1. Reliable four stoke engine delivers low emission and noise 2.Additional built-in air filtration...

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    • Honda Gx100 Tamping Rammer

      Honda Gx100 Tamping Rammer

      Tamping Rammer This Tamping Rammer is suitable for the traffic, municipal works and construction sectors with unique...

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    • Mikasa Tamping Rammer

      Mikasa Tamping Rammer

      Tamping Rammer 1. Four-stroke gasoline engine, no carbon deposition, easy to start, high efficiency and longer...

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    • Rammer Parts

      Rammer Parts

      Tamping Rammer Features: 1. 12 months Warranty 2. Free spare parts available 3. Honda GX160 engine 4.EPA...

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    • Rammer Vibrating

      Rammer Vibrating

      Tamping Rammer 1.The series plate or vibrate rammer apply in the cycle base,road,square and groove site to compact...

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    • Robin Rammer

      Robin Rammer

      Tamping Rammer Features: 1).Reliable for stoke engine delivers low emission and noise 2).Additional built-in air...

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    • Robin Tamping Rammer

      Robin Tamping Rammer

      Tamping Rammer Features: 1: Aluminum alloy for lighter weight and better thermal diffusion 2: 20CrMnTi alloy gears...

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