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The pile foundation steel bar processing entire process, the steel bar work must know!

- Jun 19, 2018 -

The pile foundation steel bar processing entire process, the steel bar work must know!

Steel bar rust removal using steel wire brush to remove rust. Steel bar surface should be clean, oil stains, lacquer and hammering can peeling off the surface, rust and so on should be cleaned before use. The water rust at the solder joint should be cleaned before welding.

1.Steel bar straightening

The steel bar should be flat and straight, without local bending. The coil steel bar and the bent steel bar should be straightened, and the straightening machine should be used for straightening.


2.Steel bar cutting

The steel bars of the same specification shall be matched according to different lengths to arrange the discharge of materials as a whole. Should break long material first, break short material later, reduce short head, reduce loss. When material is broken, it should be avoided to use short scale long material to prevent the accumulated error in the material. For this reason, it is advisable to mark the dimension scale line on the working table and set the baffle for controlling the size of material breakage. During the cutting process, if the steel bar is found to have split, shrinkage or serious elbow, it must be removed. The fracture of rebar shall not have horseshoe shape or bend phenomenon.


3.Steel bar stacked

The finished steel bar must be lifted and lowered gently to avoid the deformation caused by the fall. The finished products after the inspection of specifications and dimensions shall be bolted with the material label according to the number; According to the name of the project, location and steel bar number, according to the order of use, to prevent the first used under pressure.


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