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What function should a good steel rebar cutting machine meet?

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Steel rebar cutter is a kind of tool used in shearing steel bar. Generally there are automatic steel cutting machine, and semi-automatic steel cutting machine.It is one of the necessary equipment for steel bar processing. It is mainly used for the fixed length cutting of steel bars in housing construction, bridges, tunnels, power stations and large water conservancy projects. Compared with other cutting equipment, steel cutting machine has the advantage of light weight, low energy consumption, reliable work, high efficiency so that is has been gradually widely used in machining and small rolling mill. Steel rebar machines also play an important role in various fields of national economy. Operated continuously by multi-process, steel bar cutting machine is a kind of steel bar processing equipment commonly used in construction industry. Because there are many manufactures of rebar cutting machines in China, most of the users have questions when they buy, and do not know how to choose steel cutting machine.  

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Pay attention to the following point :

1. If you are ordinary housing and requirements are not very high, it is recommended GQ40/50 reinforced ordinary cutting machine. With exaggerate too much, it’s no use of just looking at the models of 40/50/60 when you buy steel bar cutting machine because the cutting force of GQ50/60 is not stronger than the regular GQ40 machine. Therefore, we need to ask suppliers about the actual cutting capacity of machine. For example, the cutting capacity of authentic GQ40 is 32mm deformed steel bar.

2. Check the steel cutting machine with gear oil and oil, the new machine is no oil. Adding gear oil is to lubricate all the gear in the machine; Adding oil to lubricate the crankshaft on the big side cover.

3. Look at the cutter blade and motor, the thickening blade is much better than thin blade. To save the quantity of 30% blades, it’s important to choose best blades with taking turn to cut in 4 edges of blades. About motor: do not believe that pure copper wire motor, you must choose the national standard motor such as Schneider engine.

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