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Tailored to be more intelligent

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Where there is construction, there is a steel bar. Steel bar processing provides steel products manufacturing process to the reinforced concrete engineering or prestressed concrete project. Steel making process usually adopts flow line. The steel bar is finished by the preparation of the single reinforcing steel bar, the combination of the reinforcing steel net and the reinforcing steel frame, and the processing of the prestressing steel bar, etc., and then is sent to the construction site for installation.


Today, each steel distribution processing center requires a variety of mechanical processing. According to different sites, different sizes and shapes of steel bars, whether large CNC steel processing equipment or traditional small steel processing equipment, the number of steel needs are necessarily different. With nonstandard control of personnel, equipment and efficiency, many processing and distribution centers waste a large sum of manpower, material and financial resources. For enterprises, this is a big disadvantage. Therefore, "tailored" is inevitable trend of global development.

So, what is tailor-made? Calling it tailor-made, it’s necessary to propose different customized programs for the different steel processing requirements. What are the advantages of tailor made? First of all, the scale of the steel processing center is initially estimated, and then the most reasonable reinforcement mechanical configuration is provided according to the actual situation of the site and the size of the project. Its core is standardization, scale, labor saving, high efficiency, refuse waste and so on.


Overall, facing product diversification and different demands, each steel distribution processing center certainly focus on customization. With the construction upgrade changes and the competitiveness of steel industry, there is a inevitable trend of steel processing customization.

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