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Four requirements for maintenance of steel bending machine

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Reinforcement Bending Machine is a structural improvement of steel bending machine. Here to introduce you to four steel bending hoop machine maintenance requirements:

(1) clean: inside and outside the equipment clean; sliding surface and screw, gear, rack, no oil, no collision, each part does not leak, no leakage, no leakage, no leakage, the chip clean clean.

(2) clean: smart tools, parts, accessories; safety protection device complete; complete line.

(3) Safety: personal and continuous systems; familiar with the structure of the equipment and comply with operating procedures, the rational use of equipment, careful maintenance of equipment to prevent accidents.

(4) Lubrication, fuel change once, oily meet the requirements; oil tank, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum, oil line to complete the clean, oil standard bright, oil-free flow.

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