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Technology supports the development and progress of steel bending machine

- Aug 26, 2017 -

With more and more technology people have greatly improved, to improve the quality of personnel of research and development of scientific and technological progress, and the whole industry level and the rapid development of the industrial production system in continuous improvement, a lot of work and rapid development and continue to develop machinery. Yongyi ToFortune hoop bending machine is the same, it will always be your trusted brand equipment.

The development of mechanical technology and Mechanical Engineering Science and mechanical design development are closely linked, with the progress of science and technology accelerates machinery technology upgrading, mainly due to continued development of these factors is the machinery industry. As the hoop bending machine manufacturers, deeply know that technology innovation is to improve the core factors of the bending hoop machine technology, mechanical technology transformation with Feng Yongyi around the aspects in the design, in order to prolong the service life of the product, the consumption of energy and the principle of design, extended hoop bending machine equipment using time.

High technology content, good quality is the main performance characteristics with Yongyi Feng Machinery steel bar hoop bending machine, get rid of dependence on imported production technology, is engaged in the business since Yongyi ToFortune has been committed to the goal, we continue to achieve new breakthroughs in order to realize the independent research and development. At present, the most widely used steel hoop bending machine in the market, it represents the most advanced technology level, the bending hoop machine equipment advantages as one, to ensure the quality of various types of foundation works of steel.

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