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Knowledge of concrete vibrating rods

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Concrete vibrator in the use of which must be mastered to the essence of the use of which only in the use of which will be handy, then the following I have to share with you about the use of concrete vibrating rods essence.

1, before use must be against the ground bump, so as to allow it to enter the best work.

2, in use, be sure to follow the diameter of the head to customize the best mobile spacing.

3, in the vibration must pay attention to, no bubbles and soil subsidence state, it shows that you can enter a vibration point.

4, really work, be sure to be reinforced with other hardware.

5, in the use of about 20 minutes later, to rest. This can effectively protect the vibrating bar parts from excessive destruction.

6, daily to do regular maintenance, so as to use more long-term, the efficiency will be higher.

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