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How to apply and maintain the run-in roller

- Aug 28, 2017 -

As the roller is in the factory before the test machine is played after the sale, so many customers think that just after buying a new machine for the time being no maintenance, in fact, this is a wrong choice. Roller in the test machine process, hydraulic oil, oil, diesel or gasoline and gear oil are checked. However, due to the logistics in the transport process, not allowed to add steam, diesel, oil, hydraulic oil. So after the factory test machine, the manufacturers will choose to empty the oil, which led to some customers that only need to add steam, diesel can start the machine. So that over a period of time the diesel engine or gasoline engine because there is no oil caused by burning cylinder scrapped. So you also ask the user to check the machine when the machine is carefully check the road there is no problem, then choose the correct use. Jining Prideman Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. every day before the re-shipment sales staff will seriously communicate with customers. Customers receive the machine after the factory will be the first time with the customer technical communication, tell each customer if the use of the use of road roller.

Before we have learned that the roller in the run-in period when there are often some problems, today by the vibratory roller manufacturers to introduce how should the application and maintenance:

First, because the construction machinery is a special vehicle, the operator of the machine structure, performance, have sufficient knowledge, and received formal training, have a certain operation and maintenance experience; second, pay attention to the run-in workload, 3, pay attention to regular checks on lubricants, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil level, and pay attention to check the sealing of the whole machine. Third, pay attention to the regular operation of the machine to prevent long-term continuous operation caused by the phenomenon of overheating; ; Fifth, keep the machine clean, timely transfer, tighten the loose parts, to prevent the loose due to loose parts wear or lead to zero Parts are lost.

In addition, it should be noted that, after the run-in period of the roller should also be maintained, do check and swap work.

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