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What's the difference between a steel bender and a conventional machine?

- Aug 26, 2017 -

As we all know, with the mechanical automation process, steel bar hoop bending machine has been widely used, and gradually replaced the traditional machine, today to introduce the difference between steel bar hoop bending machine and traditional bending machine.

The stirrup of traditional processing technology, are generally based on single coil will be reinforced, after cutting, bending, modulation and other processes to achieve step by step, production process backward, cannot meet the needs of modern society construction progress, but also caused a lot of waste of steel, but also needs to occupy a larger space, but the production of labor low efficiency, stirrup size and shape precision, high stability, may cause a certain impact on the follow-up project.

Hoop bending machine is the use of computer digital control, can automatically and quickly completed steel straight, fixed length, bending and cutting process, and has high working efficiency, can replace the 20-30 steel workers, reducing the amount of labor, solve the problem of labor shortage, to save time and effort. The purpose, has important significance in the field of steel processing.

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