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Is the Construction Efficiency of the CNC Stirrup Bending Machine Fast?

- May 03, 2018 -

Compared with traditional technology:

  The traditional processing technology of stirrups is generally achieved by using a single machine to distribute the coiled steel bars through modulation, cutting, bending and other processes.

 The technology is relatively backward, which can not meet the needs of modern construction progress, waste a large amount of steel, occupy a larger space, increase force labor, and exists low productivity. The accuracy of stirrups dimensional and shapes is poor.

The numerical control stirrup machine adopts advanced computer numerical control, and automatically completes the straightening, sizing, bending and cutting of reinforcing bars automatically and quickly. The machine is very efficient and can replace 20-30 steel workers, and is unique in the field of steel processing.

CNC Stirrup bending machine features:

 (CNC Stirrup Bending Machine): 5-12MM Plate Reinforcement→ Straightening→ Bending→ Cutting One Forming

 (CNC Wire Bending Machine): one person operation

 (CNC Rebar Bending Machine): electric consumption 5kw/h

 (CNC Steel Bending Machine): It integrates straightening, length, bending and shearing together, and has high production efficiency.

● (CNC rebar stirrup bender ): Adopt imported servo drive, fast speed, high output, low failure rate.


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