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How is the efficiency of automatic CNC stirrup bending machine?

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Full automatic stirrup bending machine SGW12D-2 subverts the traditional artificial processing technology and replaces the traditional mode of decomposition of steel bar processing. Full automatic stirrup bending machine can automatically quickly complete steel bar straightening, lengthening, bending hoop and cutting, avoiding the error caused by each man-made decomposition action, ensuring the processing precision and quality of the finished product and positively promoting the overall quality of the construction project.


①: CNC wire bending machine can save lots of labor and improve employment difficulties. Rebar CNC bending machine has higher efficiency and stability. Under the same steel processing capacity, automatic stirrup bender can replace 20-30 steel workers, which can effectively alleviate the problems of difficult recruitment and high labor cost.

②:CNC stirrup bending machine are easy to operate and handle with high degree of self-determination. The steel processing is continuously upgraded and transformed and international advanced servo control mechanism adopted. The operating system of the bending hoop is very simple, so workers can complete the use of equipment in a short time learning. According to the actual needs of the project to the processing cost of the ruler, the size and shape of the processing cost can be set automatically.



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