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Cnc Steel Stirrup Bender

- Dec 18, 2017 -

The CNC stirrup bender machine is a kind of improvement to the structure of steel bending machine. Automatic CNC steel bending machine, CNC steel bending machine, steel bending hoop machine. It is composed of two sets of straightening wheels which are automatically adjusted horizontally and vertically. Combined with 4 traction wheels, it is driven by imported servo motors to ensure the straightening of steel bars to achieve the best accuracy. Therefore, it’s One of the necessary reinforcement processing machinery.

The utility model includes the characteristics of the reducer, the big gear, the pinion and the curved disk, which has these favorable structures: the double - stage braking motor and the reducer are directly connected to the first level of deceleration; Small gear and large gear meshing co - operation for two stage deceleration; The big gear always turns the bending disk; The bending disc has a central shaft hole and a number of bent bearing holes; There are several positioning holes on the positioning side bars of the workbench; The two-stage brake motor is directly combined with the reducer to make a first order deceleration, the ratio of input and output to revolution is accurate, the bending speed is stable and accurate, and the speed of transformation can be controlled by electric automation, and the brake can ensure the bending angle. Using the positive and inverse of the motor, the reinforcement is bidirectional. The center shaft can be replaced for easy maintenance with Intelligent control.


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