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How to use steel bending and cutting machine

- Nov 29, 2017 -

It’s common to use rebar bending and cutting machine in construction sites for concrete works, and it’s an easy to work with other materials, which is commonly used in bridge, road and railway

Constructions, and other projects where metal is easy to bend. Common rebar is sold by its diameter in 1/8th inch increments. Rebar up to #4 can often be bent and cut by hand. Larger diameter rebar is not typically used outside commercial or industrial concrete work and usually requires specialized equipment such as hydraulic shears and benders.


Step 1: Understanding Your Rebar Bender

Make sure that you choose the correct rebar bending machine for the thickness of the rebar that you are trying to bend and the angle that you want to achieve. If you use an electrical bending machine, making sure that you have the correct electrical connections available for the machine. Foot pedals mainly conduct the bender machine operation. Without emergencies, you need to ensure that you have both free-hands to manipulate the rebar bending process. Out of consideration for security issues, workers also must ensure that you are able to step away from the machine and halt operation instantly.


Step 2: Setting Up Your Rebar Bender

Adjusting the bending angle using the adjustment pin on most common bending machines. The adjustment knobs can typically manipulate rebar from angles from 1 degree to 180 degrees or more.


Step 3: Feeding The Rebar Into The Machine

Wearing protective gloves., and lift the rebar and place it into the feeding slot of the machine. 


Step 4: Use The Foot Pedals to Start the Bender

Using foot pedals manipulate the rebar machines. Note that you are in good place where you able to step away from machines and halt operation instantly.


Step 5: Remove the Rebar

clearing the foot pedals and removing the rebar from the machine. In many cases, you would need to add a second rebar to bend, in which case you can repeat the process as desired.


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