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Technical Terms Explanation

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Steel Rebar Bender: Steel bar bending machine, one of the steel processing machinery. The working mechanism is a horizontal working disc rotating on the vertical axis, placing the reinforcing bars in the position of the dotted line in the diagram, and the supporting pin is fixed on the machine tool, and the center pin and the bending pin shaft are mounted on the working disc, and the steel bar is bent when the disc rotates. In order to bend a variety of diameter of the steel, there are several holes on the working plate to insert the pin shaft, and the central pin of different diameters can be replaced accordingly.


Steel Bar Cutter: A steel bar cutter is a tool used for a shear bar. In general, there are full automatic bar cutting machine and semi-automatic bar cutting machine. It is one of the essential equipment for steel processing. It is mainly used for fixed length and cut off of reinforcement in building, bridge, tunnel, power station and large water conservancy project. Compared with other cutting equipment, the steel bar cutting machine has the characteristics of light weight, less energy consumption, reliable operation and high efficiency, so it has been widely used in mechanical processing and small rolling mills in recent years, and has played an important role in every field of national economic construction.  http://www.gutemachinery.com


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