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Steel Bar Bender Safety Operation Rules

- Nov 23, 2017 -

First Checking whether the properties of the steel bar bender is good. Working disk and steel bar bender table should keep level, ready well each kind the bushes and pins. Before installing the bush and pin , we should consult the steel bar bending dia and the requirements of steel bar bender. The dia of pin should be 2.5 times of the rebar dia. Second, check whether the damage of crack of the pin, stopper block and rotary plate. If the cover is fixed well and reliable and making the empty machine run and confirm, we now can make machines operate. Then, inserting one end of rebar in the gap between rotary disk and making the other end close to the steel bar bender body, we need to guarantee it was fixed well and squeezed by our hand with fixed steer body. Now, it is necessary to check the installation if stooping rebar on the side. With everything prepared well, steel bar bender also operates.




1.Strictly forbid to change the core shaft, adjust the angle and the speed while the machine operates.

2. Strictly forbid to add oil or clean the machine while the machine work.

3. Strictly forbid to process max. rebar than the machine allowing.

4. Strictly forbid to adjust higher speed than the machine allowing.

5. Strictly forbid anyone stand at the side of the steel bar bender without setting fixing.

6. Strictly forbid anyone is at the place of dia of the steel bar bending working.

While change the way of the rotary disk, you must be after the machine stop well. The half-finished products and finished products should stack well, the hook should not be up. The steel bar bar bender should be stop at once if the motor is too heat, or the working disc flutter in the working process.



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