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How To Adjust Steel Hoop Bender Properly

- Aug 26, 2017 -

Do you know how to adjust the reinforcing bar bending machine? A lot of friends are not very clear, it does not matter.

We must first check the electrical wiring of reinforced bar bending machine internal installation is correct, whether the normal operation of the motor starts, each process of operation is normal, the stop button is working properly, add the hydraulic oil meets the requirements, whether oil lubrication grease on the chain, if the above is done, then can the adjustment of steel bar hoop bending machine.

The first two overflow valve seat installed on both sides of horizontal and vertical, the overflow valve of a vertical one dress off the no pressure, and then the other side of the cross dressing overflow valve was idle, when debugging, the first relief valve to adjust the release point second relief valve adjustment cross dress a bit tight, the other side of the third vertical dressing relief valve to adjust the pressure in the 9.0MPa to 10MPa, and make the relief valve button does not sway, then the fourth relief valve adjustment cross dress the working pressure in the 2.5Mpa to 3.0Mpa, button fixed good relief valve.

When you adjust the blade to the cutter moving and fixed cutter adjusted the distance from 0.05mm to 0.08mm, the directional cutter to loosen the nut, after adjusting spacing is fixed, the movable cutter the bolt can be removed, after the adjustment, to check whether all the nuts and bolts. Not to imprison, tightening, and then close the safety cover, you can open the motor below.

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