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Effectively Reduce The Wear Of The Steel Bending Machine

- Aug 26, 2017 -

In our daily work, usually there are many ways to cause wear of steel bar hoop bending machine, thereby reducing the service life of steel bar hoop bending machine, the following is our preliminary summary of several commonly occurring errors, and hope that we can usually pay more attention and support of our multidimensional reinforced bar bending machine equipment.

First, in our practical applications, there are a lot of relevant personnel of operation of steel bar hoop bending machine does not understand the machine operating procedures and mechanical properties, the use is likely to misuse, resulting in damage of steel bar hoop bending machine.

Second, we must clearly know the maximum load of our mechanical equipment, so as to prevent the use of machinery in the use of heavy load and damage.

Third, steel bending machine load must be uniform acceleration, make the machine in a relatively smooth load change.

In short, if you want to really reduce the wear of steel bar hoop bending machine, should also continue to communicate with customers, according to the actual situation, the implementation of local conditions by machinery and equipment installation. In the installation of machinery and equipment, should be planned and rational, to avoid the installation of the wrong way, resulting in wear and tear.

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