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Rainy season safety tips from GUTE machinery

- Sep 01, 2018 -

Rainy season safety tips from GUTE machinery

stirrup bender SGW12D,-1,stirrup bender GW40A,GW42D,steel bar cutter GQ40,GW42D.we give the following tips:

1.For large electromechanical equipment placed in the open air outside, it shall pay attention to rainproof and moisture-proof. The mechanical bolts and bearing parts shall be lubricated and rotated frequently to prevent rust.

2. All mechanical and electrical equipment shall strictly implement the "one machine, one brake, one protection" system;

Do the voltage test before putting into use, and control the voltage strictly within the allowable range.

3. Strengthen electrical safety inspection, check whether the grounding line and zero line of each machine are normal, check whether the line is intact, and make rectification in time if it does not meet the requirements.

4.  When using live equipment in thunderstorm, check whether the line is broken, peeling, short circuit, aging, leakage protector, etc.When the equipment is soaked in rain, it must not be immediately electrified for use. After the equipment is dried, check whether the electrical components are damaged, whether the line plug is loose, whether the switch is leakage, etc., and then replace the accessories before power testing.

Above are the waterproof tips for the rainy season. If you have any problems using the equipment, please contact the sales engineer Jurrivh.

TEL/WeChat /whatsapp +8618349380338, email: sales5@cdgute.com


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