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Profesional because of do Focus

- Sep 01, 2018 -

Profesional because of do Focus

Everyone knows the products and company videos are very important for a company,sometimes if you have very professional videos for company and products, that means your have profesional products.If your videos look very rough or bad, that means your company is small or your company doesnt have skill people or money to invest this. Gute machinery was established 1994,now we are already the top one steel bar processing equipements manufacture in China, like the bar bending and bar cutting machine, we are already the top one exporting out of china, we shared more than 60% china bar bending and bar cutting machine export. Before we took some company and products video through chinese advertisement company,but we found it is from Chinese view to take, if one company needs international, we should invite more international profesional people to promote together.

August 2018,we invite our Russia agents come to our factory to help us to take factory and machine video.


We are taking CNC steel bar bending centre(Double Head bending machine) at our factory.


We are taking CNC Steel bar stirrup bending machine video at our factory


CNC Steel bar shearing line video was taken at our factory


Take interview of Gute machinerys boss


As soon as possible we finish all machine videos and company video, we will display on our official web.

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