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It is necessary to know some important parameters of steel bending machine

- Aug 26, 2017 -

Steel bending machine is widely used in the construction site, to promote the domestic steel bending machine production and use has greatly increased, which has two kinds of transmission scheme, namely "- two gear - worm gear and belt - three gear". Among them, "belt - two - gear - worm gear drive" in the bending machine production and use of more ordinary. With the increase of rebar size, the improvement of steel bending machine is ongoing.

In order to improve the steel bending machine, first of all, to understand the steel bending machine several important parameters. Transmission accuracy, now the construction of the use of steel bending machine, mostly manual operation, of course, semi-automatic and fully automatic. In the process of reinforcing the steel bar, when the required position is reached, the worker or the switch type electric appliance is required to send out an instruction, and the power supply is cut off in time. At this point, the steel bending machine stops working, and the working disk stops in a more accurate position. However, when the working disc comes back to its starting position and is ready to start the next bend of the steel bar, it will be affected by the transmission accuracy. There is a formula for the calculation of transmission accuracy, in which the influence of belt drive is neglected. The transmission efficiency of the steel bending machine is also one of the important indexes to select the machine or to improve the machine. Before improving the machine, the efficiency of the worm gear drive and the efficiency of the whole gear rotation should be calculated respectively. In addition, the factors that limit the carrying capacity of steel bending machines are heating and gluing. Placing the worm at low speeds increases load and size, but reduces transmission efficiency. As a result, the worm drive can be arranged at the highest level for the transmission power based system. Only if the system with higher drive accuracy is required, can the worm be considered at low speed.

We are in a new era, with the rapid development of the national economy, the structure and design of reinforced concrete continuous innovation, as an indispensable material in the reinforced concrete structure, steel is also changing. And reinforcement processing directly affects the strength of reinforced concrete and quality of the project. Therefore, as a necessary machine for reinforcing steel bars, the steel bending machine will have more and more extensive application prospects. At the same time, the improvement of the steel bending machine is the trend of the times, but how to realize the full automation, high efficiency and high quality development of the steel bending machine is the key to improve the steel bending machine.

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