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How do you choose the steel cutting machine you need?

- Aug 26, 2017 -

First, recognize the model

First of all, in our choice of steel cutting machine before, for different types of machines we need to do a detailed understanding, we must understand its function, work efficiency, applicable scope, price factors and so on, in order to ensure a correct choice. In the steel cutting machine industry, we divide the machine into five types, in which we have to understand what the letter stands for. G means steel bars, Q means cutting, and back numbers indicate the diameter of the steel bars. So, we will see some steel cutting machine model, GQ-40 steel cutting machine, GQ-70 steel cutting machine, etc.. The English letters A and B represent the first generation and the second generation respectively.

Two, identify the species

Steel cutting machine is mainly divided into four kinds, horizontal, vertical, electric hydraulic, manual hydraulic. These four different types of machines have their own working principles and advantages. They are the platform for people to choose. When choosing, we must compare and choose according to our own needs, and make a relatively correct decision.


In the full understanding and grasp of different machines, different models of the situation, but also learned that different models of function and efficiency, price and so on are different. Different steel cutting machine model has different characteristics, can learn from each other, timely correction, is a very good maintenance habits. When we choose the steel cutting machine, we must pay attention to choose the type and type that suits our demand as far as possible, so as to ensure the normal operation of the work.

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