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Which CNC Stirrup Bending Machine In The Country Has High Efficiency And Low Failure Rate?

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Which CNC stirrup bending machine in the country has high efficiency and low failure rate?

Rebar diameter: Φ6-Φ10 (Deformed Wire)

CNC wire bending machine features:

1. Easy operation, and have many patents.

2. The production efficiency is super high, and the price is very low.

3. All mechanical bending stirrup machine is simple and practical, easy to maintain, durable and wearable.

4. It is quite convenient to adjust and replace the size, and it will be done in 2-5 minutes.

5. Simple circuit, CNC plate operation. The circuit is as simple as a minitype straightener.

6. It is suitable for small steel bar processing plant and construction site.


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