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Steel Bending Machine Work Needs To Pay Attention To What Matters?

- Aug 26, 2017 -

Steel bending machine is one of the reinforcing bars processing machinery, mainly bending the straight steel bar. The working principle of steel bending machine is on the vertical axis of rotation level disk will need to bend bars placed in the dotted line, midline pin and bending pin shaft installed on the disk, when the rotation of the disk will be bending steel. In order to bend all kinds of reinforcing steel, there are many holes on the working disk, and the noodles are placed in the steel bar.

Steel bending machine and Piano cutting machine is different, it is mainly hard steel bending, thereby meeting the use of demand. The operator needs to pay attention to some matters when using the steel bender. Let's take a look at it.

1, steel bending machine at work, will need a head bending steel placed in the fixed hole, the other end to ensure that abuts the fixed and hand pressing, and check the body is fixed, can ensure the correct installation, the installation can not be ignored if reinforced installation errors, will affect the results of bending bar the.

2, steel bending machine can not replace the mandrel in the work, also can not change the angle or speed, because the equipment in the work, change or change the core shaft angle will cause the device to work is hindered, and equipment will be damaged, cause the equipment does not work properly.

3, equipment in bending steel bar can not refuel or remove the above pollution, because the equipment in operation, will cause safety problems.

4, bending steel bars can not exceed the diameter of fixed steel and mechanical speed, etc., this will lead to steel bending damage, and can not meet its use needs.

5, more types of steel, bending different steel, we should pay attention to change the core, especially high hardness or low alloy steel, after the replacement of the core, in order to achieve better work.

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