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- Jun 13, 2018 -

Due to the diversification of building requirements, a variety of shapes can satisfy the construction of modern bridges and piers. GUTE’s mascot hereby lists all sort of special-shaped steel bars for everyone.

1. Square steel cage

Reinforcing cage forming, not only can be made into round, oval, also can make square, triangle, polygon reinforcing cage, widely used in concrete piles, precast pile, concrete pipe and the production of electric pole. According to their own needs, GUTE machinery can customize a variety of graphic rebar cage mixed welder.


2. Spring Steel

Spring bars are mostly used in the tube sheet factory, added in the tube sheet to increase the firmness of the tube sheet, earthquake resistance and so on.


3. Hose Stool

In reinforcement processing, there is a common rebar called horse stool.Horse stool is essential to plate. Based on technology and economics, sometimes horse stool is decisive.


4. 3D Special-shaped Steel Bar

3D special-shaped steel bars are often used in reinforcement processing


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