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What are the advantages of the new CNC reinforcing bar bending machine in use?

- Aug 02, 2018 -

What are the advantages of the new CNC reinforcing bar bending machine in use?


Product features:

This machine has the advantages of straightening, measuring length, bending, shearing and counting. The machine has compact and reasonable structure, simple operation, high production efficiency and saving manpower. This machine uses automatic microcomputer to control the servo motor. It has the advantages of fast speed, great power, low technology and low failure.

The machine from steel feed, oxide skin, straightening extension, bending forming, counting, cutting off a variety of combination of technology, can directly make a variety of sizes and various specifications of the stirrup, completely meet the design requirements. Features: 1. Full automatic stirrup production equipment, with straightening function, one machine and two uses. 2. Intelligent control is used to process square, rectangular, diamond and polygons of various sizes and sizes. 3. From the wire rod material to the hoop product, the cold and hot rolled wire rod can be processed. 4, high production efficiency, twenty to thirty labor. 5, the equipment is strong in use, only one person operation, save a lot of labor. 6, save raw materials, in the work is continuous molding almost no reinforcement material loss. 7. Small floor area, saving straight work area and cutting working area, and can operate in narrow area. 8, the cost of equipment maintenance and the cost of energy consumption are very low.

The equipment can be produced on a single line. The accuracy of length calibration is + 1mm, and the accuracy of bending angle is + 1 degrees.

It can be edited by advanced touch screen, and can be edited or stored for convenience.

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