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The difference between steel rebar bending machine and CNC stirrup bending machine.

- May 22, 2018 -

The difference between steel rebar bending machine and CNC stirrup bending machine.

At present, the machinery industry is developing rapidly. Among them, steel rebar bending machines have been well applied. However, the stirrup bender machines are also divided into many types, among which steel rebar stirrup bending machines, steel rebar bending machines, and Steel plate reinforced machine. So, what's the difference between the steel bending machine and  CNC wire bending machine? Now, let me introduce about this.


1. Rebar stirrup bending machine is to improve the equipment on the basis of the steel bending machine. It has stronger applicability, easier operation and higher efficiency, and comprehensively improves your economic efficiency. The equipment adopts new reducer, big gear, pinion, bending disk surface. Double-stage brake motor and reducer are directly linked to one-stage deceleration.

2. The pinion engages with the bull gear for two-stage deceleration; the large gear always brings about the rotation of the curved plate; the central plate is provided with a central shaft hole and several bending shaft holes; Several positioning shaft holes are respectively arranged on the positioning bar of the work table. Because the two-stage brake motor is directly coupled with the speed reducer for one-stage deceleration, the ratio of input and output revolutions is correct, the bending speed is not correct, and the electrical automatic control can be used to change the speed. The brake can ensure the bending angle.

3.The rebar is bi-directionally bent using the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. The central shaft can be replaced for easy maintenance. Intelligent control can be used.

4.Mainly used for the construction of cold-rolled ribbed steel, hot-rolled three-level steel, cold-rolled light round steel bar and hot-rolled coil round steel bar hook and bending hoops. It has the following features: low equipment failure rate, fast speed of bending steel bars without damage to ribs, low noise and shock, high efficiency and reliable operation. Two-maneuvers, light and flexible, easy to move, adapt to large construction units and steel processing plant stirrups factory stirrups.

Production:  High efficiency, 3 to 5 times manual bending, 4-6 tons per day can be produced, the length is correct for large quantities and factory work. The machine has a wide range of angle adjustment, which can be adjusted within 180 degrees, can bend square, trapezoidal hoop, ribs and U-shaped hooks that are used for the processing of stirrups in construction, bridges, tunnels, and prefabricated structures.


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