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Steel cutting machine; safety operation; safety life

- Aug 26, 2017 -

As a kind of construction machinery, steel bar cutting machine is one of the necessary equipment for reinforcing steel bar. It is mainly used in the construction of houses, bridges and large water conservancy projects. But because the cutting machine itself has a certain risk, the wrong operation easily lead to irreparable consequences, so here, in God construction machinery limited company to remind you several steel cutting machine safety technical regulation.

Steel cutting machine: before the operation should first check whether the machine is good; the blade is intact, whether the correct installation is firm, whether appropriate clearance; the motor is connected with the red is strong, whether good grounding, no appropriate voltage; material feeding worktable should keep the level and the lower cutter; before the operation should also let the air machine turn, until the normal operation after the formal operation can be. In particular, the hydraulic valve shall be tightened clockwise before the use of the manual hydraulic cutting machine. In the hydraulic drive cutting machine before work, should check the motor rotation direction and hydraulic oil level is consistent with the requirements.

Steel cutting machine operation: pay attention to

1, the work of the machine can not be carried out inspection, refueling, parts replacement and other acts.

2, when cutting the steel bar, it should hold the rigid bar, and when the moving blade is backward, the rigid bar is sent into the edge of the knife so that the end of the steel bar can not be ejected.

3, when cutting short material, the hand and the cutter should keep 150mm above the distance, and when the hand end is less than 400mm, should use clamps or the bushing to clamp or to press the steel bar short head.

4, strictly prohibit the use of hand directly clean the knife around the debris, broken ends and so on. It is prohibited in the end cutting machine body stand, to prevent cutting off material swing wounding.

5, when cutting thin steel bar, put the steel bar straight, don't form arc. The steel bars of length less than 30cm shall not be sent directly by hand, and the long steel bars shall be fed from one end of the cutting machine when the cutting of the steel bars of the field is less than 20cm.

6 it is strictly forbidden to cut more than the machine performance range of steel and more than the blade hardness or burn red steel. When cutting low alloy steel, it shall be replaced with a higher hardness cutter, and the diameter of the cutting shall comply with the requirements of the mechanical nameplate.

After the steel cutting machine operation: turn off the power switch, protect the electrical switch. Use the steel brush to clean the clearance of the cutter clearance, and clean and lubricate the machine as required, ready for the next operation. The manual hydraulic cutting machine after use, should immediately counterclockwise unscrew the oil valve.

In any case, the protection of personal safety is always the first. And how to protect the personal safety of construction personnel in the construction operation is not only a problem for the construction personnel to worry about, but also the construction units should regularly arrange safety training for the construction staff. God Hope Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to steel cutting machine safety operation of small remind, can reduce steel cutting accident.

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