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Tamping Rammer

- Feb 10, 2018 -

amping rammer is the compaction mechanism used to compress the backfill soil by means of impact and impact vibration. It can be divided into electric tamping rammer, gasoline tamping rammer and vibration tamping rammer.







It is divided into internal combustion type and dynamic vibration compactors. The plate compactor model is composed of two parts: class, group, type, characteristic code and main parameter. The update code of the plate compactor is placed in the rear of the plate rammer compactor model.


Concrete road cutter

A tool for road maintenance and construction, the main function is the cutting of road surface. The depth can reach 100mm-200mm in a thin line and often used for cement road and asphalt road! Operating machinery requires a certain level of proficiency to work properly!


Concrete vibrator hose

Concrete vibrator should be based on vibration and effective radius of the length of the bar in order to layered vibration. The mobile distance of vibration rods can generally be around 40 cm (small cross section structure and reinforced dense nodes with vibration is degrees). The vibrating rod inserted in the lower layer should not be less than 5cm depth, and the vibration time is strictly controlled, generally in about 20 seconds, to prevent leakage or vibration. Check the reinforcement protection layer and the reserved holes, embedded parts and exposed steel bars at any time to ensure the concrete compaction of the embedded parts and the prestressed reinforcement plates at the bottom and the outer surface level is smooth. Construction joints meet the requirements. The enclosed template can add the auxiliary vibrator.


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