Stirrup Bender

  SGW12D-2 wire stirrup bending machine is an full-automatic CNC stirrup bar straightening and bending equipment used on construction project. This machine is able to bend steel bar with 5-10mm into your required. It has high working efficiency of 30 pieces per min with computer controlled, which ensures the high accuracy, can bend the stirrup bar into various angles. And it is easy to operate with safe working, reliable quality and quite high efficiency.
    • CNC Pile Cage Machine

      CNC Pile Cage Machine

      Cage diameter: 400-2000mm
      Max Cage’s Length: 12mm(or customized)
      Core bar diameter: 5-16mm
      Main steel diameter: 14-40mm Cage weight: 6000kg

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    • CNC Stirrup Bending Center

      CNC Stirrup Bending Center

      Tensile strength: kg/mm2 65
      Bending capacity: 10-32mm
      Max. Bending angle: -120--180º
      Operation:automatic bending Max. Length of stirrup side: 11m Min. Length of stirrup side: 700mm

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    • Rebar CNC Bending Machine

      Rebar CNC Bending Machine

      Single wire: 5-13mm
      Double deformed wire: 5-8mm
      Double round wire: 5-10mm
      1600 stirrup production per hour More than 500 hundred of graphic in storage

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    • Cnc Stirrup Bender Machine

      Cnc Stirrup Bender Machine

      Computer numerical control automatic steel bending hoop machine from reinforced by full high intelligent integration control and feeding, to scale, straightening, bending forming, cutting various process single one...

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    • CNC Stirrup Bender Center

      CNC Stirrup Bender Center

      CNC vertical double head rebar bending machine is very economic. Its main function is to make the rebar with fixed length bending into different shapes. The equipment can achieve positive and negative two-way bending...

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    • Pile Cage Welding Machine

      Pile Cage Welding Machine

      Construction concrete Pile cage making machine/Rebar cage welding machine Features: Reinforcing cage main reinforcement by automatically expect points on material; Rack main reinforcement artificial to through the...

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    • Automatic Cage Machine

      Automatic Cage Machine

      Construction concrete Pile cage making machine/Rebar cage welding machine Features: Based on requirement of construction, the latitudinal rebar will be inserted intothe sleeves which fixed on the rotating disk, take...

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    • Cnc Bending Machine

      Cnc Bending Machine

      Main features: Factory direct sale CNC automatic stirrup bender machines is suitable for producing round steel bar and deformed bar in many shapes such as square,triangle,rectangle,five-pointed star,H shape and so...

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    • Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine

      Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine

      Product Description CNC Steel Bar Stirrup Bender 2 payoffs,suitable for single and double wires processing at the same time, which can process both round bar and deformed bar as your need. Bending arm driven by servo...

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    • Stirrup Bending Machine

      Stirrup Bending Machine

      CONET Stirrup Bender with Factory Price Stirrup Bender adopts CNC servo control system, which can automatically complete the feeding, straightening, bending, cutting processes and Continuously bend various stirrups....

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    • Wire Bending Machine Cnc

      Wire Bending Machine Cnc

      We produce kinds of wire straightening and cutting machines, such as wire straightening and cutting machine, stirrup bender and welding machine. Which is R&D by our own factory! Can supply you the best service...

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    • Rebar Cnc Bending Machine

      Rebar Cnc Bending Machine

      CNC rebar bender used for bending hoop. The machine uses high-quality, fast, energy-saving steel construction process, ensuring efficiency and effective, but also provide the premise for the low price. The size of...

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