Tamping Rammer

    • Rammer Machine

      Rammer Machine

      Power: 3/6.5 kw/hp
      Weight: 88kg
      Engine model: gasoline HONDA GX160
      Tamping frequency times: 450-650 times/min

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    • Earth Rammer

      Earth Rammer

      Tamping Rammer 1. The guide handle built-in shock mount to reduce hand-arm vibration 2. Special 4-stroke engine for the rammer 3. All closed design make greatest protection of engine 4. Low gravity design makes more...

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    • Gasoline Rammer

      Gasoline Rammer

      Tamping Rammer 1.Special protective frame for engine, prevent all possible damage. 2.Tamping rammer shank made up of steel plate with wooden insert. 3.Advanced cleaner system, rack and pinion throttle lever for...

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    • Gasoline Tamping Rammer

      Gasoline Tamping Rammer

      Tamping Rammer 1. Reliable four stoke engine delivers low emission and noise 2.Additional built-in air filtration system plus the original air cleaners in the engine provides cleaner air to engine for longer life and...

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    • Honda Gx100 Tamping Rammer

      Honda Gx100 Tamping Rammer

      Tamping Rammer This Tamping Rammer is suitable for the traffic, municipal works and construction sectors with unique functions to tamp the road shoulder, bridge surroundings, pavement of the street, surrounding of...

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    • Mikasa Tamping Rammer

      Mikasa Tamping Rammer

      Tamping Rammer 1. Four-stroke gasoline engine, no carbon deposition, easy to start, high efficiency and longer engine life. 2. No need to mix fuel and oil, low fuel economy. 3. Bigger capacity of fuel tank prolongs...

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    • Rammer Parts

      Rammer Parts

      Tamping Rammer Features: 1. 12 months Warranty 2. Free spare parts available 3. Honda GX160 engine 4.EPA certification 5.Customized brand and colour

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    • Rammer Vibrating

      Rammer Vibrating

      Tamping Rammer 1.The series plate or vibrate rammer apply in the cycle base,road,square and groove site to compact and Repair asphalt,concrete road,especially to the non-paste sandy-soil,gravel stone. 2.These type...

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    • Robin Rammer

      Robin Rammer

      Tamping Rammer Features: 1).Reliable for stoke engine delivers low emission and noise 2).Additional built-in air filtration system plus the original air cleaners in the engine provides cleaner air to engine for...

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    • Robin Tamping Rammer

      Robin Tamping Rammer

      Tamping Rammer Features: 1: Aluminum alloy for lighter weight and better thermal diffusion 2: 20CrMnTi alloy gears for higher intensity and higher wearing resistance 3: 65Mn steel springs for higher elasticity 4: PU...

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    • Tamper Rammer

      Tamper Rammer

      Tamping Rammer 1.Gasoline tamping rammer are driven by 4-stroke petrol engines designed specially for rammers.No need to mix fule and oil,easy starting,low-noise operation,low maintenance and reduced fuel...

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    • Tamping Rammer Parts

      Tamping Rammer Parts

      GASOLINE RAMMER HCR90K Hot Sale Ground Compactor Vibrating Soil Tamping Rammer is to improve the stability of the track bed. Three pieces as a group, were able to tamp inter-sleepers, track bed slope. The machine has...

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