• Rebar Bender Machine

    Rebar Bender Machine

    Bending capacity up to 40mm
    3 Phase Motor provides excellent power
    Excellent performance Less noise and vibration

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  • Automatic Bar Cutting Machine

    Automatic Bar Cutting Machine

    Have capacity to cut bars of diameter 40mm
    Cast iron main body frame provides rigidness
    Facilitated with well lubricated gears that leads to smooth functioning
    3 phase motor provides excellent...

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  • Rammer Machine

    Rammer Machine

    Power: 3/6.5 kw/hp
    Weight: 88kg
    Engine model: gasoline HONDA GX160
    Tamping frequency times: 450-650 times/min

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  • CNC Pile Cage Machine

    CNC Pile Cage Machine

    Cage diameter: 400-2000mm
    Max Cage’s Length: 12mm(or customized)
    Core bar diameter: 5-16mm
    Main steel diameter: 14-40mm Cage weight: 6000kg

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  • CNC Stirrup Bending Center

    CNC Stirrup Bending Center

    Tensile strength: kg/mm2 65
    Bending capacity: 10-32mm
    Max. Bending angle: -120--180º
    Operation:automatic bending Max. Length of stirrup side: 11m Min. Length of stirrup side: 700mm

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  • Rebar CNC Bending Machine

    Rebar CNC Bending Machine

    Single wire: 5-13mm
    Double deformed wire: 5-8mm
    Double round wire: 5-10mm
    1600 stirrup production per hour More than 500 hundred of graphic in storage

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  • Cnc Stirrup Bender Machine

    Cnc Stirrup Bender Machine

    Computer numerical control automatic steel bending hoop machine from reinforced by full high intelligent integration control and feeding, to scale, straightening, bending forming, cutting various process single one live, to direct...

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  • Portable Grout Pump

    Portable Grout Pump

    Application GJB Cement Grouting Pump widely applies to various of anchorage bar grouting works like highway, railway tunnel, metro and underground caverns of hydro-power station, suitable for consolidation grouting and backfill grouting...

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  • Pneumatic Grout Pump

    Pneumatic Grout Pump

    Application GJBXX Cement grout pump is absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced technology to develop a new type of multifunctional construction machinery. It is widely used,for example, it can be used for building mortar conveying and...

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  • Manual Grout Pump

    Manual Grout Pump

    Application The machine can be widely used in road, rail tunnels, city subway, hydro-power underground cavern bolt grouting, consolidation grouting, backfilling and grouting anchor perfusion pulp works, can be used for the dam, slope,...

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  • High Pressure Cement Grout Pump

    High Pressure Cement Grout Pump

    Working Principle Pumping, spraying and injecting of traditional, ready-mixed, masonry, insulating, refurbishing, dispersion, adhesive, reinforcing, self-leveling, special and almost all types of mortars, plasters.Pumping and spraying...

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  • Grout Pump Machine

    Grout Pump Machine

    Cement Grout Pump GJBXX piston grouting pump is a new generation of mortar which was developed by our company through many years used in conveying products. This machine is widely used in road, bridge, tunnel, municipal, architecture,...

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