• Cnc Steel Bar Bending Center

    Cnc Steel Bar Bending Center

    cnc steel bar bending center

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  • Steel Rebar Double Head Bending Center

    Steel Rebar Double Head Bending Center

    The center of Vertical Rebar Bending adopts digital control. This equipment’s features are simple operation, convenient maintenance and economic utility. It can also realize automatic length measurement, automatic bending clamp, rapid...

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  • Vertical Rebar Bending Center

    Vertical Rebar Bending Center

    10-32 mm CNC automatic rebar / steel bar bending center, the 10-32 mm CNC automatic rebar / steel bar bending center is a high-tech product. It is integrated with automatic length measurement, steel bar bending, rapid prototyping and...

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  • Double Head Rebar Bender

    Double Head Rebar Bender

    The equipment has the advantages of simple operation and convenient and economical operation. It is especially suitable for all kinds of engineering tenders and steel refineries. CNC bending center is the national promotion of steel...

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  • CNC Rebar Bending Machine Center

    CNC Rebar Bending Machine Center

    1.The servo motor controlled by PLC, with input graphic function, easy operation high efficiency. 2.The electric parts adopts the international famous enterprise, running steadily and high quality assurance. 3.With a storage of 100...

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  • Rebar Bending Center

    Rebar Bending Center

    CNC vertical double head rebar bending machine is very economic. Its main function is to make the rebar with fixed length bending into different shapes. The equipment can achieve positive and negative two-way bending steel at the same...

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  • Portable Grout Pump

    Portable Grout Pump

    Application GJB Cement Grouting Pump widely applies to various of anchorage bar grouting works like highway, railway tunnel, metro and underground caverns of hydro-power station, suitable for consolidation grouting and backfill grouting...

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  • Pneumatic Grout Pump

    Pneumatic Grout Pump

    Application GJBXX Cement grout pump is absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced technology to develop a new type of multifunctional construction machinery. It is widely used,for example, it can be used for building mortar conveying and...

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  • Manual Grout Pump

    Manual Grout Pump

    Application The machine can be widely used in road, rail tunnels, city subway, hydro-power underground cavern bolt grouting, consolidation grouting, backfilling and grouting anchor perfusion pulp works, can be used for the dam, slope,...

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  • High Pressure Cement Grout Pump

    High Pressure Cement Grout Pump

    Working Principle Pumping, spraying and injecting of traditional, ready-mixed, masonry, insulating, refurbishing, dispersion, adhesive, reinforcing, self-leveling, special and almost all types of mortars, plasters.Pumping and spraying...

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  • Grout Pump Machine

    Grout Pump Machine

    Cement Grout Pump GJBXX piston grouting pump is a new generation of mortar which was developed by our company through many years used in conveying products. This machine is widely used in road, bridge, tunnel, municipal, architecture,...

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  • Grout Mortar Pump

    Grout Mortar Pump

    grout mortar pump

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