• Loncin Plate Compactor

      Loncin Plate Compactor

      Plate compactor introduction: 1.Easy to transport with the self-wheel 2.Handle hydraulic system for forward and reverse 3.Ductiled-iron base plate for durability 4.Lifting hook ensures easy to delivery in different...

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    • Plate Compactor Parts

      Plate Compactor Parts

      Plate compactor introduction: This plate compactor series could be used in the narrow place of the wall, roadside, foundation structure, also can be used for compaction asphalt and concrete. Compared with the...

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    • Compactor Plate Ce

      Compactor Plate Ce

      Plate compactor introduction: 1.Superior quality of engine power,make sure the continuity and stability 2.Heavy duty steel plate is preformed and stress-relieved for durability. 3.Exciter has heavy duty extended life...

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    • Compactor Plate

      Compactor Plate

      Plate compactor introduction: Concrete Asphalt Vibrating Heavy Plate Compactor Vibratory plate compactor/vibrating plate ram/plate compactor 1.The unique design of electric start-up, even in the severe conditions...

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    • Plate Compactor Honda Gx160

      Plate Compactor Honda Gx160

      Plate compactor introduction: 1. Foldable handle for easy transportation and stock (straight handle is also available) 2. Complete sealed belt cover to prevent sand and soil in. 3. Built-in wheels for easy transport....

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    • Plate Compactor Machine

      Plate Compactor Machine

      Plate compactor introduction: It is used to tamper engineering foundation, road margin and asphalt surface on constructing road, street, building, ditch and bridge in the field of road, municipal engineering,...

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    • Plate Compactor Robin Engine

      Plate Compactor Robin Engine

      Plate compactor introduction: Suitable for backfill compaction and sand right path, the surrounding concrete, walkways, drains, gas pipes, sewage treatment facilities, gravel, asphalt compaction work surface....

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    • Plate Road Compactor

      Plate Road Compactor

      Feature of plate compactor (1)Compact perfect appearance (2)Easy to move and high efficiency (3)Good compaction (4)Save energy

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    • Robin Wacker Plate Compactor

      Robin Wacker Plate Compactor

      Features: 1.Water tank without hose connected for duty environment operation; 2.Fordable handle for easy transportation and stock; 3.Built-in wheels for easy move. Complete sealed belt cover to prevent sand and soil...

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    • Vibrating Compactor Plate

      Vibrating Compactor Plate

      Features: 1. High-pressure speed, high efficiency. 2. Low center of gravity, stable and effortless operation. 3. Four-stroke Honda engine, with outstanding durability. 4. Internal combustion with low fuel consumption...

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    • Vibrating Plate Compactor

      Vibrating Plate Compactor

      Features: 1.Ductile iron base plate provides better durability 2.Open plate provides self cleaning 3.Radius base plate for easy access to corners 4.Centrally located lifting bar allows easy transportation 5.Sealed...

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    • Plate Compactor Sale

      Plate Compactor Sale

      Engine model: gasoline KOHLER CH260
      Tamping plate size: 500*520
      Power: 4.4/6 kw/hp
      Weight: 77kg

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